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10 Useful PHP Chat Systems

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Creating a website with a chat system is easy with these ten useful PHP Chat Systems that you can integrate into your website flawlessy in a few steps:

#1 – PHP Flat Visual Chat

php flat visual chat

This useful tool allows you to see the page your client is on and visually guide them as you chat with them. It also features multi operators and chat transfer.

#2 – moChat


Easy to use and install, this one is a chat room for your website. You can assign users, moderators, administrators and super administrators for the chat room.

#3 – Fast PHP Chat – Responsive Live Ajax Chat

Fast PHP Chat - Responsive Live Ajax Chat

A tool for those who want full control of their chat system, this one allows you to remove unwanted visitors and control all chats or assign multiple admins.

#4 – Virtual Chat – PHP/Javascript Avatar Chat Room

virtual chat

This super cool system with java web host system is a new product that actually creates a virtual world and can support one chat room for you and your visitors.

#5 – PHP – Live Chat

php live chat

Perfect for helping your customers in real time, this system features a chat panel with all the tools you could ever need.

#6 – Chat Titan – Chat System

chat titan

This chat system is fun and easy to use, perfect for websites that need a basic chat system for its owner and visitors.

#7 – Console Chat

console chat

Whether you need just one chat for all your pages or one for each page, you can easily set your chat system up with this.

#8 – PHP Chat with Web- & Windows Clients – VisitorChat

PHP Chat with Web- & Windows Clients - VisitorChat

VisitorChat is great for websites with visitors that will go through multiple pages on the site, because the system allows the chat box to stay the same throughout a visit, so they won’t lose messages.

#9 – Quick PHP Chat

quick php chat

Let your site’s visitors talk to each other using this simple and easy-to-use chat system.

#10 – In Chat Standalone PHP version


Allow your registered users to chat with each other with this chat system that includes a user interface similar to Facebook and gtalk.

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