10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Image Animation

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There many jQuery plugins you can use out there! Here is a list of useful plugins that focus on image animation:

#1 – SeuratJS – A Raphaël plugin for creating beautiful pointillized animations.


Using this plugin, users take any image of choice and come out with graphical primitives to use as animated images on their websites.

#2 – Rotating Feature Boxes

Rotating Feature Boxe

Website visitors can easily navigate boxes (including image, text and other elements) by clicking each feature box and having it appear as the main box through animation.

#3 – jQuery Flex

jQuery Flex

Images are put in a fluid animated grid through this jQuery plugin.

#4 –  HoverTransitions – jQuery

HoverTransitions - jQuery

This plugin is used for animation of different web page elements such as images and allows for high customization to fit the website’s needs.

#5 – JZoopraxiscope


Inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s Zoopraxiscope, the JZoopraxiscope plugin makes animations from static images.

#6 – Prism Effect Slider with Canvas

Prism Effect

With an interesting effect, this plugin takes an ordinary slider and applies animation and several techniques to achieve the prism effect.

#7 – Narsis Cover, CSS3 Image Hover Animation Effect

Narsis Cover, CSS3 Image Hover Animation Effect

Add animation effects to any image hover with this plugin.

#8 – Experimental CSS3 Animations for Image Transitions

Experimental CSS3 Animations for Image Transitions

Using jQuery and CSS3, this gives animation to a set of images when transitioning from one image to another.

#9 – Zalki Hover Image – Plugin jQuery

Zalki Hover Image - Plugin jQuery

An easy to use plugin, Zalki Hover Image produces image hover animation when used properly on your website.

#10 – Fig – Animated Image Galleries

Fig - Animated Image Galleries

Fig is the perfect image gallery when you want multiple animations for different images.

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