10 Useful jQuery Image Resize Plugins

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There are different ways and routes to keep a website as clean and readable as possible. One of them is using resizing plugins to be able to control the size of images on your page. Here are ten useful jQuery image resize plugins:

jQuery Image Resize

#1 – jQuery Image Resize

This script allows you to identify the height and width of different images in one document. The owner came up with the script to highlight a top story (with a larger image) while keeping the aspect ratio for the rest of the images on the page.

#2 – jQuery plugin to resize images

A simple and light plugin that does exactly what it says without the need for more html. Like #1, it dynamically changes the image size while keeping the original ratio.

#3 – Client side Image Resizing

An addition to the jQuery File Upload script, this image resizing code focuses on the client side of editing images. The link also gives access to the original file upload script.

#4 – imgLiquid

This plugin resizes images to fit a container that you have set. The page includes step-by-step instructions on how to use it on your website.

#5 – jquery-imagefit-plugin

Like imgLiquid, this plugin is ideal for websites with set containers as it resizes images to fit them specifically.


Another plugin useful for websites with containers, this one is a responsive plugin that automatically resizes images once it’s finished loading. It allows you to select specific parent containers or use a default setting.

#7 – Using jQuery to Resize Images After Loading

Featuring a step-by-step guide on how to fit an image with unknown size onto a specific website or page. This tool is ideal for those who need a better understanding of how the script affects the image resizing itself. Mainly jQuery is used in the script, with the support of CSS.


This tool allows you to upload an image to a remote server and then resize it to fit certain dimensions. This is a straightforward that is simple to use yet very powerful.

#9 – jquery fixed image resize

Like some of the previously listed scripts, this one also uses maxwidth and maxheight definition to resize images with constraints and while keeping the ratio.

#10 – AutoFit: Automatic Responsive Image

Using an algorithm, this premium plugin will resize your website’s images to the best possible size. The best part is that the results are SEO friendly!

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