10 Useful jQuery Image Crop Plugins

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Image crop plugins are useful for several websites, such as networking or simple photo editing. In this entry, we list down ten plugins which can be useful to you when setting up a website:

#1 – Image Crop & Uploader jQuery Plugin

This plugin allows users to upload or drag and drop and image onto a cropping screen and then uploads the resulting image onto a server, giving the user a link to the cropped image.

#2 – HTML 5 Upload Image, Ratio with Drag and Drop

Very easy to use, this tool uses canvas to allow users to crop images with full HTML5 support and a responsive design. It allows users to download the cropped image, and it also works on tablets and mobiles!

#3 – ImagePicker: Uploader – Webcam – Cropper

A useful resource for websites with profile avatars, headers and covers (such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+), this plugin allows users to take pictures with a webcam or phone camera. They are then given the option to crop, rotate or delete the image before uploading it on the website.

#4 – Image Upload and Cropping with PHP and Jquery

Ideal for social media websites or projects, this implements image file upload and image cropping. It can also change the resolution of uploaded images to make it suitable for the website.

#5 – croppic

A plugin with image upload and cropping capabilities, this tool allows web designers to define which controls are available to the users. The output after cropping an image is a display url.

#6 – Picture Cut

This plugin allows users to upload or drag an image onto a cropping canvas and use the resulting image in a thumbnail.

#7 –  Cropper v0.11.0

A simple and lightweight plugin that allows users to crop an image, this one can work as a fixed crop box, in Bootstrap modal or with a responsive container, depending on the need of the designer.

#8 – Image Crop

jQuery Image crop

Cropping and resizing is easy with this plugin which requires minimal codes. A great feature is its compatibility with all major browsers on desktop and mobile.

#9 – jquery-cropbox plugin.

This tool is great for in-place image cropping, as it allows users to zoom and pan on an image and download the resulting cropped image.

#10 – Jcrop » the jQuery Image Cropping Plugin

An incredibly useful image crop plugin, Jcrop features ratio locking, keyboard support (for nudging selection) and support for CSS styling among many others.

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