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10 PHP Scripts for Photo Sharing

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Photo sharing scripts are great tools to use for different types of websites. In this entry, we feature ten PHP scripts and their descriptions so you can pick which one would be perfect for your website.

#1 – iup


iup is a cool script that allows you to upload and share your pictures onto your website as experiences. It also has a love button plus share share buttons for all the top social networks.

#2 – MediaFans – Share photos, GIFs and videos

media fans

This script features live chat, messages and more in addition to media sharing, making it an ideal script for creating a community through sharing.

#3 – Picturish – Image hosting, editing and sharing


Easily create a photo sharing, hosting and editing website without any need for coding knowledge using this amazing script.

#4 – Moment Gallery – Easy to let people share picture

moment gallery

A platform that allows users to register on the website to share and manage photos, Moment Gallery also features personal pages for each user.

#5 – Images Uploads via API Script

Images Uploads via API Script

This script allows you to upload to all major photo sharing websites such as Picasaweb, Imgur and Imageshack.

#6 – PhotoFans – Your Social Network to Share Photos


PhotoFans allows you to create a platform for photography fans that are registered to your site. If you want it to be open to everyone, that is possible too! Sharing, browsing, commenting and chatting are just some of its features.

#7 – Social Image Share viral traffic

social image share

A great tool for viral image sharing, Social Image Share is a simple and effective way for sharing images that are funny, interesting and guaranteed to go viral.

#8 – Instagram OAuth Login & DB Integration

Instagram OA

Technically a login script that integrates the popular app, this tool is perfect for photo sharing websites as it allows users to login with their Instagram account and save their IG profile information on your website.

#9 – bigFile – Easily share large files by email

big file

Photo sharing through email (regardless of image file size) is possible through this tool. It features password protect for those who prioritize security above all.

#10 – Powerful Viral Image Search and Share Engine

Another great tool for viral sharing, this script allows users to search and share images. This is ideal for entertainment centered websites,


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