10 jQuery Plugins for File Manager

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Whether you want a web-based file manager to share with the public or for your own use, there are many available tools which can help you. In this entry, we share 10 jQuery plugins for file management:

#1 – Jquery File Manager Popup

Jquery File Manager Popup

This plugin allows users to use text input as file input while creating a consistent style for the interface to make the library or folders and files user-friendly.

#2 – jQuery File Manager

This file manager allows you to manager uploads easily by being able to move, rename or delete files and select viewing settings for specific folders.

#3 – SFBrowser

Browse and upload files with this tool. The plugin also features file preview, creating folders and filtering, renaming and deleting files and folders. The plugin is also capable of downloading zip files and many more.

#4 – jQuery File Tree

This plugin allows you to manage files in a fully-interactive file tree. It also features customization of the file tree’s style and features.

#5 – Free Web File Manager

A simple and easy-to-use file manager plugin that allows users to store, edit and manage files and folders using a web browser.

#6 – Filemanager

A powerful tool, this plugin can work as a standalone application and has the capability to upload, delete, modify, download and move files as well as support user permissions among its many features.

#7 – elFinder – Open Source File Manager with jQuery

A jQuery file manager that features text and image files editing, extensibility,  and archive creation or extraction, this tool has a great range of abilities.

#8 – finderSelect

An additional tool for file managers, finderSelect allows users  to use functions and commands as they would on a Finder folder or file.

#9 – Simple jquery file browser

With drag and drop capability plus renaming, deleting, moving and downloading files, this plugin is a lightweight yet useful tool for managing files.

#10 – Free PHP File Manager | File Thingie

Upload multiple files at once and share your files with multiple users with this jQuery-based file manager which also features customization.

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