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10 Cool PHP Cache Scripts

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Make use of the different cache scripts available for websites. These useful tools address numerous issues, and you can learn more about them in this list of ten cool PHP cache scripts we’ve chose for you:

#1 – PHP Metametric Cache

PHP Metameric Cache

This mechanism is great for creating cache for portions of PHP pages or websites without depending on the URL structure. It also allows you to create, name, retrieve and delete them easily depending on your needs.

#2 – PHP MySql Caching Class

PHP MySql Caching Class

A lightweight tool, PHP MySQL Caching Class allows individual query file caching through an easy installation with just a single file.

#3 – 3S Caching System (Cache API results and PHP data)

3S Caching System (Cache API results and PHP data)

Cache different types of data using three types of storage that require no configuration.

#4 – Caching Class

Caching Class

Use this tool to speed up your sites by decreasing server load using two possible ways.

#5 – SuperCache


Another caching system that can also reduce your server load, SuperCache allows you to choose between different types of caching.

#6 – AutoCache


Automatically cache your websites by simply using the code provided by this tool which you can easily add to your script.

#7 – PHP Simple Cache

PHP Simple Cache

As its name implies, this script generates and serves cached pages for your PHP websites, and the best part is it does it automatically while at the same time offers you the option to configure it to the needs of your website.

#8 – anySize – Caching image resizer

anySize - Caching image resizer

A perfect option for those looking for automated caching for images, anySize is lightweight and provides clear instructions on using the script.

#9 – Cache Manager

Cache Manager

This tool promises to cache any and all data quickly and efficiently, allowing your server to perform better.

#10 – Cached Twit


Specifically used for Twitter posts, this useful class loads and caches them at your choice.


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