10 Chrome Extensions for Web Designer

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There are many plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions being added to various web browsers. Many are able to help web designers develop web pages that work correctly with specific features. There are a many chrome extension options that are available for a web designer.

Web Developer

This extension adds a developer toolbar to Chrome. The toolbar is the same toolbar that is available for the Firefox browser. There are various web developer tools that are available.


A web designer can use this extension to change the look of a website by using custom CSS. Users can make various changes directly from the editor. Selections that can be modified includes font size, color, visibility, margins, and many more. This is a great way to see how certain features may work before an update is made to an existing website.

Alexa Traffic Rank

Users who install this Chrome extension will have access to traffic rank data and site information. This great option to see how one website compares to another.

Eye Dropper

This is a color picker extension that can be used to modify the color of any web page. Users are able to see if different colors will look for an existing web page.

Resolution Test

Web designers and developers can use this extension to test different screen resolutions. This extension will change the display size of the Chrome web browser. There is a list of common resolutions to use if various screen sizes need to be tested.

Speed Tracer

Problems with website performance can easily be identified using this Chrome extension. Metrics used by the extension will determine if there are any issues with the layout, CSS, and Javascript parsing.

IE Tab

The use of this extension allows a web designer to test web pages in Internet explorer. One thing about this extension is it will only work with Microsoft Windows.


This is another Chrome extension that is used with Chrome developer tools. A web designer can debug, edit, and monitor, Javascript, HTML, and CSS used in any web pages.


The use of this extension is a substitute for the web developer toolbar for Chrome. There are options to change accessibility settings, add keyboard shortcuts, and many more.

Screen Capture

A web designer can take a screen shot of a website when this extension is installed. This extension will also allow users to capture any region of a web page or tab before saving the image.


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